What is Bluestacks Emulator and What Can It Do for You?

We all know that gaming can be pretty intense, but did you also realize how much data it uses? BlueStacks is an emulator which allows users to play Android games on their computer or MAC rather than with just one of those little handheld consoles. This means no more downloading hefty game files and waiting days before installing them onto […]

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Does My Wi-Fi Router Need to Be Wall Mounted?

Wi-Fi routers are an integral part of any home, and they can be quite the eyesore. But did you know that it might actually be beneficial to mount your Wi-Fi router on the wall? The article below discusses reasons why mounting your router might not only look better but also provide some benefits! The best way to ensure you have […]

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Watching Pac-12 Network on Roku

The Pac-12 Network is a great resource for all sports fans, but how do you watch it on Roku? There are many ways to stream the network through your device. This article will discuss two different methods that involve using an antenna and logging into the website. The first method involves connecting an antenna to your television set and connecting […]

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