Download 飞猪旅行 for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Are you looking for a way to download and install the 飞猪旅行 for PC and Mac? You’ve come to the right place. Because in this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to download and install this app on a laptop or computer.

Both Windows 64 bit and 32 bit are compatible with these methods. If you have macOS, you can also run this app on it! The following method is straightforward and easy to do. Just make sure that you read the instruction thoroughly to install the 飞猪旅行 on Windows PC or Mac successfully.

How To Download and Install 飞猪旅行 for PC (Windows and Mac)

To download the 飞猪旅行 on PC, you’ll have to use an android emulator. For this tutorial, we are going to use either Nox Player or LD Player. Both of these emulators are powerful and capable of running the 飞猪旅行 on your Windows or Mac.

Method 1: Install 飞猪旅行 for PC Using Nox Player Emulator

One of the best emulators as of now is the Nox Player. This emulator can perfectly run the 飞猪旅行 on your PC. To install this emulator, follow the steps below:

  • Download the latest version of Nox Player from their website.
  • Once you have the Nox Player, start the installation by double-clicking the setup file and following the installation process.
  • After a while, this emulator will be installed on your PC. You will find its icon on your desktop. Double click to run it.
  • Find the Google Play Store and log in to your account.
  • Now, look for the 飞猪旅行 and click the download button.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Congratulations, you have completed the installation.

Method 2: Install 飞猪旅行 for PC Using LD Player Emulator

If you choose to install the LD Player to install the 飞猪旅行 on your PC, simply follow the procedure below:

  • Get the LD Player app and then download it to your computer.
  • After you have the installer, double-click click it, and start the installation.
  • Once you completed the installation, open the LD Player emulator.
  • Go to the Play Store and log in to your account.
  • Search for the 飞猪旅行 and start the download.
  • After the installation, go to the home of the LD Player.
  • Find the 飞猪旅行 and start using it.
  • Congratulations, you can now use this app on your PC.
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App Name 飞猪旅行
Developer Taobao
App Rating 3.9
Update October 29, 2021
Requirement 5.0 and up


飞猪旅行 screenshots 1 飞猪旅行 screenshots 2 飞猪旅行 screenshots 3


飞猪旅行 FAQs, Guide, and Features



– 拥有各大航空公司旗舰店和优质代理商的全程服务;
– 机票价格透明,服务保障,按照航空公司标准进行退改签;
– 手机值机在线选座,低价及时提醒、实时查询航班动态。
– 海量酒店房型照片及真实住客的点评;
– 支持返现,「信用住」首单专享大红包优惠。
– 极速云抢票,支持预约抢票、实时捡漏、VIP抢票;
– 支持实时查询、上车补票、在线退改签;
– 票种多样,支持成人票、学生票、儿童票;
– 零手续费快速购票,覆盖全国随时出发,在线退票有保障。
– 出票保障、入园保障:卖家原因导致用户不能以订单价正常入园,卖家包退,并赔付交易额的30%。
– 比价不必东奔西走:近2000家商家任您挑选;千家景区直连,优惠一减到底;
– 凭芝麻信用专享免费预订、先玩后付「未来景区」新体验;
– 「周边好去处」,给您的周末游玩出谋划策,精彩周末,尽在掌握;
– 「品质跟团游」,为您提供国内、国外热门目的地的品质跟团线路,让您放心看世界!
– 全球热门目的地攻略,旅游指南、行程游记、景点、美食、购物全掌握,尽在目的地频道。
– 寻找出行灵感、发现新的旅行方式、帮你找到值得买的旅行产品;
– 看游记、查锦囊、发结伴、在“广场”中查看大家的旅行经验,参与旅行话题讨论。
– 路线规划轻松搞定,行程安排不用愁;
– 机酒火车票门票统一管理,提供在线值机、退改、打车等多种服务。
– 里程随便拿:下单返里程,签到领里程,参加活动更能拿里程;
– 里程当钱花:兑红包,兑手机流量,抵现金,秒超值好货,更多精彩只为您而来。
Fliggy Double 11 Travel Carnival, 0 yuan grab free order, 600 million yuan red envelope
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[exciting activities]
1. Tickets for the “Summer Promotion” popular attractions start at 1 yuan, another 1999 yuan flying pig red envelope, and 1,000 yuan air ticket red envelope for free;
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6. “Fliggy Sale” high cost-effective travel products on the whole network, waiting for you every day;

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[special service]
1. “Good Places Around”, “First Stop in the World”, share travel experiences and discover more wonderful things;
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4. Check the global popular “destination” strategy at any time, master travel guides, travel notes, attractions, food, and shopping;
5. “Get Miles” is used as money, and good goods are exchanged continuously.
Main products and services:
[Air tickets]
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[Train Ticket]
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[Bus ticket]
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-Ticket issuance guarantee and admission guarantee: The seller cannot enter the park normally at the order price due to the seller’s reason, the seller will refund and pay 30% of the transaction amount.
-Price comparison does not have to go to the west: nearly 2,000 merchants are at your disposal; thousands of scenic spots are directly connected, and discounts are reduced to the end;
-Enjoy a free reservation with Sesame Credit, play first and pay later for the new experience of “Future Scenic Spot”;
-“Good Places Around”, to give you suggestions for your weekend play, the wonderful weekend, all in your grasp;
-“Quality Tour with Group Tour” provides you with quality tour with tour groups to popular destinations at home and abroad, allowing you to see the world at ease!
-Guides to popular destinations around the world, including travel guides, travel notes, attractions, food, and shopping, all in the destination channel.
-Find travel inspiration, discover new ways to travel, and help you find travel products worth buying;
-Read travel notes, check tips, send companions, check your travel experience in the “square”, and participate in travel topic discussions.
-Route planning is easy to get, no need to worry about itinerary;
-Centralized management of machine wine train tickets, providing online check-in, refund and change, taxi and other services.
-Get the mileage at will: place an order to return the mileage, sign-in to receive the mileage, and participate in the event to get the mileage;
-Miles as money: red envelopes, mobile phone flow, cash, good value in seconds, more exciting just for you.
Customer Service Phone: 400-1688-688

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