Download War Planet Online: MMO Game for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Are you looking for a way to download and install the War Planet Online: MMO Game for PC and Mac? You’ve come to the right place. Because in this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to download and install this app on a laptop or computer.

Both Windows 64 bit and 32 bit are compatible with these methods. If you have macOS, you can also run this app on it! The following method is straightforward and easy to do. Just make sure that you read the instruction thoroughly to install the War Planet Online: MMO Game on Windows PC or Mac successfully.

How To Download and Install War Planet Online: MMO Game for PC (Windows and Mac)

To download the War Planet Online: MMO Game on PC, you’ll have to use an android emulator. For this tutorial, we are going to use either Nox Player or LD Player. Both of these emulators are powerful and capable of running the War Planet Online: MMO Game on your Windows or Mac.

Method 1: Install War Planet Online: MMO Game for PC Using Nox Player Emulator

One of the best emulators as of now is the Nox Player. This emulator can perfectly run the War Planet Online: MMO Game on your PC. To install this emulator, follow the steps below:

  • Download the latest version of Nox Player from their website.
  • Once you have the Nox Player, start the installation by double-clicking the setup file and following the installation process.
  • After a while, this emulator will be installed on your PC. You will find its icon on your desktop. Double click to run it.
  • Find the Google Play Store and log in to your account.
  • Now, look for the War Planet Online: MMO Game and click the download button.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Congratulations, you have completed the installation.
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Method 2: Install War Planet Online: MMO Game for PC Using LD Player Emulator

If you choose to install the LD Player to install the War Planet Online: MMO Game on your PC, simply follow the procedure below:

  • Get the LD Player app and then download it to your computer.
  • After you have the installer, double-click click it, and start the installation.
  • Once you completed the installation, open the LD Player emulator.
  • Go to the Play Store and log in to your account.
  • Search for the War Planet Online: MMO Game and start the download.
  • After the installation, go to the home of the LD Player.
  • Find the War Planet Online: MMO Game and start using it.
  • Congratulations, you can now use this app on your PC.

War Planet Online: MMO Game

App Name War Planet Online: MMO Game
Developer Gameloft SE
App Rating 3.9
Update October 27, 2021
Version 4.1.1
Requirement 5.0 and up


War Planet Online: MMO Game 4.1.1 screenshots 1 War Planet Online: MMO Game 4.1.1 screenshots 2 War Planet Online: MMO Game 4.1.1 screenshots 3


War Planet Online: MMO Game FAQs, Guide, and Features

Build your own custom base to form the backbone of your defense at war and survive your enemies’ assault. Stockpile troops, tanks, helicopters, and other weapons of modern warfare and march your army across a real-world map for conquest and to dominate the planet in the MMO multiplayer military game universe of WPO.

Dominate nations, form an alliance online with other players to expand your battle capabilities, and launch a global warfare assault strategy, using real-time strategy to command and conquer. Make conquest of key cities like New York, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo to gain influence and dominate your region, and become a superpower that can issue orders that affect the entire world.

War Planet Online: Game Features

Expansive Real-Time World War Battlefield

War Planet Online is a tactic-based MMO military game that pits players against each other in PvP clashes on a real-world map, managing a real-time strategy in the war zone.
Play with RTS players from around the world, who can either become members of your alliance and help you conquer nations, or become the next target of your guns.
In this multiplayer modern warfare, you can talk with friends and foes alike in the global chat as you plot your real-time strategy.

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Custom Destruction and Conquering Nations

Online multiplayer war game in real time. Amass a fully battle-ready army. Order the construction of base buildings for defense and production.
Recruit Commanders you can find to lead your army on each assault and maximize your power to command and conquer in warfare. You can customize them with powerful new skills and bonuses.

RTS Action: Dominate Real-Time War

Order your army to battle in PvP and PvE combat anywhere around the massive real-world map online. Coordinate with your alliances for backup during battle and maximize the destruction of each assault.
War is always evolving, and new units and gear for your Commanders are added every update. Seasonal events bring new renegades into the battle for you to march against.

Rule the World: Create Multiplayer Alliances

The World HQ is the heart of the conflict. All players will work together to construct it, while simultaneously vying to dominate it.
Vote for a World President or Dictator. Each gets to issue orders that reshape the overall nature of the game’s strategy. Launch your own Orbital Command, a space station from which alliance leaders can unleash powerful effects across large sections of the global map of nations.
As your World HQ grows, the world itself changes with it, unlocking new features for all players, and new strategies to learn and master.

“”TERMINATOR 2: Judgment Day”” has taken over War Planet Online, and now you can enroll in their missions in this MMO real-time strategy game!

Join Sarah Connor as your tactical advisor in this apocalyptic sci-fi action-adventure. Unite with the Resistance in the war against the machines, stop Skynet and save the world! Fight your way through the T-800 cyborg renegades in PvE Renegade events, swarming with Cyberdyne Systems’ humanoid robots.

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Stop the apocalypse by playing a series of events with a Terminator storyline and win explosive T2 prizes. Get T-1000, T-800 and Sarah Connor avatars, emojis and a lot more rewards, including a gear set from the future. There is no fate, so craft your own.
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This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app. Terms of Use:

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TERMINATOR 2: Judgment Day is here:
– Terminator tutorial with Sarah Connor as your advisor
– Terminator PvE Renegade season: Face T-800 bosses and Skynet war machines in the clash to avert Judgment Day
– Judgment Day chain event with a unique story and explosive rewards: Join Sarah Connor in the battle versus Skynet
– Metal Havoc mini-game: Gather debris containing precious Aluminum Chips from the World Map
– Terminator Trader
– T2 Avatars, Frames & Emojis
– Crafting set & Offensive Add-On



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