The Ultimate Android Sports News App

Sports news is a big deal to many people, and it’s even bigger to those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the world of sports. For these individuals, there are very few ways that technology can better serve their needs than through an android sports news app. This blog post will explore why every Android user should download this app as soon as possible!


The ESPN Android App is by far one of the best options available. It offers live streaming and video highlights from all major leagues in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. Plus they have an extensive archive with videos dating back to 2005!

The ESPN Android app also has a ton of other great features like breaking news alerts, personalized notifications about your favorite teams or players, player profiles and stats, and even widgets that you can place on your phone’s home screen.

The Athletic App

Athletic is the perfect app for anyone who wants to stay up on their favorite teams without any distractions. It features in-depth coverage of 47 different sports, with no pop-ups or ads! The layout has been designed so that you don’t have too much fluff while also getting all your team’s updates when they happen. This one will be worth checking out if you care about which league championships are happening this month across America right now.


If you’re looking for a simple and minimal app to read articles, then Feedly is the one. Unlike other sites that clutter up your newsfeed with bloggers’ posts from social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, this platform only follows sports blogs so there’s no need in tracking keywords when using it because all of its content focuses on just these topics! You can also choose what teams/leagues/sports-related blog pages will follow if any at all by going into Account Settings after downloading onto an Android device through Google Play Store. Inoreader works similarly but has no Ads while still being completely ad-free compared to Livestreamer

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Google Search

The Google Search app has all of the functionality you could want in your phone. It integrates seamlessly with everything else, making it easy to find news or updates on anything from scores and sports events like football games at any time! The only downside is that this isn’t as comprehensive for those who are interested specifically in watching their favorite sport live; however, there’re other apps available if search becomes too limiting

The user will be able to use voice searches which can also return formatted information specific just about whatever topic they choose – whether it’s baseball stats during game time, articles discussing what new movies opening over the weekend, etc.


TheScore is a reliable sports news app that features coverage from the most popular leagues including NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. The UI of the game details is neatly organized for easy viewing on both smartphones as well tablet devices which makes it an ideal choice when you’re out exercising your fandom! This free application also has advertising but their redesign recently introduced bugs causing us some anxiety about using this service after its release…

The output should be more like: “One thing we really love about them? Their dedication to craftsmanship.”


SofaScore is a great app for sports fans. You can find scores from all around the world, including European and American Football, Hockey Tennis Motor Racing, etc., with a pick n’ mix of other games available too! It just keeps things lightweight by focusing on providing you scores rather than any information – which means it works perfectly if what your after are results but not stories or analysis

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The scorekeeping has been made easy thanks to its Android Wear support so now there’s no excuse when following match play anywhere at any time because I’m always able to get notifications straight onto my wrist

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a popular news source that covers all the main North American sports. It includes live streaming for select games and it also offers trades, updates, breaking news, rumors, or scores along with schedules on its app which has some drawbacks but gets straight to business when you need your coverage of sporting events delivered quickly!

The Yahoo team does an excellent job delivering top-quality information about professional athletes at no cost other than advertising (which can be disabled).

Individual sports league apps

Many sports leagues provide their own official apps, which usually come with perks not found on third-party news sites. For instance, many North American league apps allow you to watch live games and follow individual teams for a yearly subscription fee – often at a pricey price point but they do offer good coverage of your favorite team!

Limited availability can be seen throughout all these services; however, we recommend trying out one or two before making any final decisions


If you’re looking for the best sports news apps on Android, our list of top choices has something that will suit your needs. Write us your comment if you think that we’ve missed something here.