The World’s Most Expensive Android Apps and Games

Everybody knows that the Android marketplace can be tough to navigate, and it is even tougher when you want to find good apps. The problem with this market is that there are so many different prices for apps and games, making it hard to know what ones are worth your money. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the 10 most expensive Android Apps and Games!


FlexiSpy is a high-tech tool that can cost upward of $1,200 per year and it’s not in the Play Store because this app violates several policies. It would be primarily used by enterprises for monitoring their employees’ phone activity which includes recording chats as well as controlling cameras remotely without consent or knowledge from those being spied on (among other things). While these features may sound appealing to some consumers looking for extra information about their significant other’s affair, Flexispy’s intended use makes clear its unsuitability – if you’re trying to monitor someone else then there are many cheaper apps available than one costing such an extravagant price tag!


In a world where an app costs as much as the hardware it controls, Crestron is less of a purchase and more like leasing. While this might not seem too surprising at first glance – after all who would buy something without knowing how much they were paying for it?- there’s one big difference between renting with renters insurance vs buying furniture: you can’t return your new living room set!

Dr. Web Security Space Life

Dr. Web, a Russian cybersecurity company that specializes in antivirus software has created one of the most expensive apps on the Google Play Store with a one-time payment of $89 for a lifetime license which is absurdly cheaper than other competing products and services as well as subscriptions offered by competitors like Kaspersky Lab Antivirus subscription plan costing upwards from 50$/year or Avast Home bundle package ranging between 15 – 29$.

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It’s delightfully ironic how this may actually end up saving you money over time if given enough use since often these types of apps come at smaller price tags initially but once monthly fees begin rolling into effect there can be surprise expenses due to their sheer volume (i.e. storage and bandwidth) which can add up quickly making this a more effective solution for some while others may be better suited with one of the cheaper alternatives on Google Play Store such as Malwarebytes Antivirus, Kaspersky Mobile Security & Antivirus or Avast! Mobile Security since these apps do offer competitive features that you might find more appealing for a much cheaper price.

Network Signal Guru

Network Signal Guru is an amazing networking tool that costs $48.99 per month, but if you spring for the yearly plan at around two Amazon Prime subscriptions or four times as much as what they offer monthly; this app will be worth every penny! This one does more than just provide signals and radios though – it has tons of features including fun games to mess with other users’ communications units (such as amateur radio enthusiasts). The free version still functions well enough so even professionals who need only basic functionality should consider using NSG Premium instead since there are many advanced tools within its expansive interface that can really help us out in our professional lives no matter where we work today…

DirecTV Stream

Live streaming TV has been around for a while now, and many people still rely on live channels to watch their favorite shows. However, the price tag may be tempting because you don’t need an expensive cable package or satellite dish service anymore! With so much competition out there these days it’s not unusual that some apps will try charging extra fees just for watching programming from other sources like Netflix (or Amazon Prime).

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A great example of this would be AT&T’s DirecTV Now offering that costs $35/month for over 120 channels which is a very competitive price point in the current market. That said, AT&T will also charge you an additional monthly fee of roughly $20 if you want to add HBO ($15) or Cinemax ($11). While this might not sound like much it can certainly add up to a lot over the long run which is why many people opt for third-party apps like Kodi or Plex that allow you to stream from various sources legally and at no charge.


Spyera is a powerful tool for parents to monitor their children with the help of an app. It has two different modules, one which can be used by employers and employees alike in order to keep track on each person’s device activity remotely through SMS spoofing or camera control; keylogging features allow you access all emails sent over Gmail accounts as well! While these applications may seem invasive at first glance since they break Google Play Store policies (and others) it remains that there are alternatives available such as sideloading them onto phones–though this comes at steep price: $1k/year per phone plus monthly subscription fees upwards from 89$).

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is an interactive application that allows you to engage with over a dozen topics in-depth. The information about internal medicine can be filtered by various functions, including chapters or sections if needed for more focused study sessions on specific subjects. Topics range from Cardiovascular Diseases and Gastrointestinal Series to Genitourinary Syndromes; this app offers it all! There are also lessons available through video links so learners will never have any difficulties understanding what they’re learning as well as access right there at their fingertips – making these features perfect not just for college students but doctors too!.

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This product costs $129 however I believe customers should know how helpful such products actually are since they’re designed to give us a leg up in many situations both professionally and personally.